• Are you behind on your mortgage?  
  • Is your home value under water?  
  • Are you experiencing a financial hardship (job loss, divorce, medical issue)?
  • Do you need to move and can't afford to bring a ton of money to the closing table?

As a homeowner you DO have options if you are in any of these scenarios.  

DON'T BE A VICTIM - A Short Sale could be the answer!

What is a Short Sale?  This is an option that not only saves you from being foreclosed on, but also has less of an impact on your long term credit.  

Did you know that when you choose a short sale to sell your home, you don't pay a real estate commission?  You also sell your home "AS-IS" so if there are any repairs that the home is in need of, you don't have to fix them (saving you even more money!)  

Also many banks require you to be at least 3 months behind on your mortgage while going through the short sale process.  So not only are you saving money by not making your mortgage payments, you're also still living in your home while awaiting the bank's approval for the sale.

Contact our team today so we can help you save MORE money, avoid the long term effects of a foreclosure AND help reduce the stress of short selling your home.

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