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5 Reasons Why Your Home Didn't Sell

Matt Lloyd

While starting his career in one of the worst real estate markets in history, Matt saw the endless opportunities available and cannonballed into real ...

While starting his career in one of the worst real estate markets in history, Matt saw the endless opportunities available and cannonballed into real ...

Jul 1 6 minutes read

You decided to sell your home... you hired a Realtor, cleaned your home, took some pictures and got on the MLS.  Then you had some showings... maybe a lot of showings... but no offers.  You kept your home clean, you allowed the showings to come in, you rearranged your life to allow these buyers into your home at all hours of the day... but still nothing!  Now your home has "expired" (is no longer listed on the MLS) and you don't know what to do!  You just want your home sold and you don't want another repeat of what just happened... so what do you do?  See the 5 reasons why your home didn't sell below and ask yourself "did my Realtor do this for me..."

1. Photography

Great pictures are KEY!  In today's day of technology and information sharing, having EXCELLENT pictures is a necessity.  Let me ask you a question... did your Realtor take the pictures themself or did they hire a professional photographer?  You only have 1 chance at a great first impression for that buyer who is looking at your home online... without professional photograph to showcase the features of your home, that buyer is onto the next house.  Here are a few examples of REAL homes that were listed for sale that didn't hire a professional photographer.  I'm not kidding, these pictures were ACTUALLY on the MLS...  Do you think these sellers were happy?  Did you go online and look at your home's picture?

Below are OUR listings pictures...

2. Floor Plans

Buyers LOVE floor plans... why?  As a buyer is scrolling though countless pictures online, they are trying to piece together pictures so they can figure out the layout of your home.  Without a floor plan, they have no idea how big the kitchen is... or if they can fit their king sized bed in the bedroom.  Not only do floor plans help the buyers, they also help your home stand out from ALL the other homes that don't have floor plans too.  Did your Realtor offer this as an option for your home?

3. Buyer Inquiry Response System

Have you ever clicked on the "more info" button on a website and just waited... checking your email or phone for "more info" and nothing shows up.  Nearly HALF of all online real estate inquiries go UNANSWERED... Someone literally saw your home and wanted more info and if you hired a Realtor who doesn't have an online response system in place to answer that buyer INSTANTLY... they are moving on to the next house.

When a buyer requests more information about one of our listings, they instantly receive a text AND an email.  They are also put into our system that instructs our team to continue to follow up with the interested buyer.  This system tracts, organizes and keeps our team accountable to follow up with every inquiry for our listings.

4. Market Navigation

When you interviewed your Realtor, did you ask what their market stats are?  How many homes have they sold, what was their list to sale price ratio, and what was their average days on market?  These stats paint a picture of how well they know how to navigate the real estate market.  A professional Realtor should know their stats like they know their name.  

Our team has sold over 400+ homes, Matt Lloyd personally has sold over 300+ since starting his career in 2010.  We have a list to sale ratio of 98% and our average days on market is under 1 month.  We also offer a no risk guarantee to our clients... if you are not happy with our services, and we can't make it right, we will release you from your contract.

5. Features and Improvements List

Have you ever purchased something and then found out it had some extra features to it... and you might have though, "well if I knew that before I bought it, I might have paid more money for it..."  That is what we call "perceived value".  For example, maybe you renovated your kitchen and spent $30,000, put a new roof on for $12,000 and installed a new central air system for $10,000.  A buyer is going to see those improvements but might not know how much those improvements actually cost.  Let me ask you, did your Realtor ask you to put together a list of the improvements, or the unique features that makes your home special?

We ask our clients to put together a list of improvements for 2 critical reasons... 1. To increase the "perceived value" to the buyer... so they start thinking "wow, these sellers spent over $52,000 improving their home..." and 2. This also helps show value to the appraiser when those buyers are getting their mortgage.

We also ask our clients to write a letter about why they love their home, this tugs at the heart strings of the buyers and helps them picture themself in your home.  And we also ask for a one year break down of your utilities so buyers don't assume things like "oh this house is so big, it must be a fortune to heat it..."  The more information we can share with a buyer, the better they are informed and the more likely they will choose your home over another one.


6. Virtual Staging

Buyers look at your STUFF, not your home... I know, weird right?!  If you have an empty home, or there are some empty rooms, virtual staging can set your home apart from the rest.  Check out these before and after pictures of the homes we virtually staged.

Don't make the same mistake twice.

I can only imagine how frustrated you are with trying to sell your home... Many of our clients were there too... until they hired us.  When you're ready to take the next steps and have a much better experience, reach out to our team.  Call/Text 860-264-5856 or email [email protected]

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