The Future of Real Estate

Many things have changed over the last few months... how we shop at local stores, how we teach our children and how we work.

The Real Estate market has also experienced many changes, not just in the local sales activity (btw here are the updated stats for this week) but with how we are showing homes.  Gloves and masks have become a requirement and many sellers are only allowing showings during the weekends as they are working from home and can't leave.

With these new challenges, how can we use technology to our advantage AND help our clients... one word, Matterport.  What is a Matterport Matt???  Matterport is a 3D virtual tour program that allows the user to control where to "walk" through a home.  Kinda sounds like something from the future right... check out one of our listings tour here.  

Change is just part of life... and if you don't make the necessary changes to adapt to the "new normal" then you get left behind.  I love technology and I love bringing new technology to my clients, so they can stay ahead of the curve and know that they aren't being left behind, especially in today's world.

Speaking of not being left behind in today's world, I spoke with my financial planner Matt Carbray of Ridgeline Financial Partners about how to best navigate investing in our current situation.  Check out a copy of his playbook here.  Matt has been featured on many news programs and is a true wealth of information.  If you'd like to chat with Matt, you can contact him here.

Remember folks, with every down there is an up... with every setback there is a break through, and with any challenge there is an opportunity to get better.  There have been so many great changes because of this pandemic that are already making the world a better place... for example, working from home means less traffic and less emissions... stock market down, it's a great time to invest and build your future wealth!  While we shouldn't discount the seriousness of the pandemic, we also shouldn't focus on all the negativity either... I challenge you to personally find a positive change/thought/action that wouldn't be possible without this pandemic.  Is it spending more time with your family, less time commuting to work... whatever it is, I'd love to hear about it.  Email your positive change to me today!

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